Video: The Future of Storage Technology REVEALED!

By | Apr 8, 2024 | All, Video

Are you ready to dive into the world of storage technology?  In a conversation with Allyn Malventano from Phison, the video gives the inside scoop on the latest advancements in storage technology, including PCIe Gen 5 redrivers, high-end controllers, and the impact on flash media density and speed. The conversation covers advancements in PCIe Gen 5 redrivers and high-end controllers for storage technology. It also discusses the importance of airflow and heat management for SSDs, power efficiency of different models, and the introduction of lower power and higher performance SSD models. The video also discusses new form factor storage devices, USB 4.0 interface, and the use of storage for machine learning workloads.



  • Phison has developed new high-end controllers, with multiple options to choose from
  • Redrivers and retimers are essential for achieving speeds of up to 16 gigabytes per second on just four PCI Express lines
  • Phison’s E26 SSD is a prime example of the advancements in flash media technology, offering impressive speed and performance
  • The introduction of the E1 and E3 form factors, offering higher capacity and power efficiency. in enterprise and server applications
  • The use of USB 4 for machine learning workloads and its impact on storage and memory capabilities


Final thoughts

Phison continues to expand its suite of controllers and devices to cater to multiple applications and industries, marking a significant evolution from its infancy to a dominant force in the storage technology sector. The company is on the horizon of storage advancements, promising innovative upgrades especially for laptops and portable devices.

The conversation with Allyn shed light on those exciting developments in storage technology, from PCIe Gen 5 advancements to new form factors and connectivity options. As technology continues to evolve, Phison remains at the forefront of driving innovation in the storage industry.

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