Video: Phison Max14um Gen5 14 GB/s SSD – Early Review and Benchmarks

By | Feb 19, 2024 | All, Featured, PCIe Gen 5, Technology, Video

Get a close look at the impressive performance of the Phison Max14um SSD, the company’s first Gen5 drive that can reach an astounding 14 GB/s. NASCompares demonstrates the Max14um’s performance with benchmark test results, highlights how the drive delivers high speed at low temperatures, talks about what’s next for Phison Gen5 SSDs and much more.



  • The drive utilizes faster NAND technology, specifically the 232-layer NAND micron B58R modern iteration, which operates at 2400 MTS (megatransfers per second).
  • The Phison E26 controller, which has been around for a couple of years, is the powerhouse behind the drive’s exceptional performance.
  • The drive boasts a durability rating of 0.38 drive writes per day, matching the standard measurements of Gen 4 SSDs currently in the market.


Real-world performance testing

NASCompares conducted a series of synthetic benchmarks and real-world tests to evaluate the performance of the Maximum or Max 14um Gen 5 SSD. Here are some key highlights:

Crystal Disk testing

    • The drive consistently delivered impressive sequential read and write speeds, reaching up to 14 gigabytes per second in our tests.
    • The drive’s performance remained consistent across varying test file sizes, showcasing its sustained performance capabilities.

ATTO benchmark

    • The drive maintained high transfer speeds, with sequential read speeds exceeding 13 gigabytes per second across different test file sizes.

AS SSD testing

    • While the AS SSD results were slightly lower than other benchmarks, the drive still showcased solid performance and reliable IOPS numbers.


Final thoughts

The Maximum or Max 14um Gen 5 SSD has set a new standard for high-performance SSDs, pushing the boundaries of Gen 5 technology. With its exceptional performance, innovative heat dissipation, and durability, this drive is a game-changer in the SSD market.

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