The Metaverse Requires a Major Shift in Our Approach to Data Storage

By | Mar 11, 2024 | All, Featured, Technology

The metaverse, while still in its merest infancy today, will require—and generate—massive amounts of data. The future flood of information we’ll need to store and manage just to keep the metaverse running is already requiring developers and industry analysts to rethink data storage.  

In a recent article in Semiconductor Digest, Phison Director of Technical Marketing Chris Ramseyer lays out the different types of metaverse data that will need to be stored and the capabilities this future data storage will have to deliver. Part of the solution is decentralized, or distributed, storage that resides on an interconnected web of individual computers or storage nodes—much like a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Ramseyer also highlights the benefits of solid state drives (SSDs) in a decentralized storage system, thanks to the high performance and low latency of NAND flash storage.   


“The metaverse is meant to create seamless, realistic experiences for users. Glitches and lag are unacceptable. That means metaverse data storage must … work well within a decentralized storage model and provide the kind of high-performance experiences users expect. Only SSDs can do that.”


~ Chris Ramseyer,  Director Technical Marketing, Phison



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