Phison’s Michael Wu Looks to the Future of Automotive Data Storage

By | Jun 1, 2022 | All, Automotive

By 2040, 58% of the world’s passenger cars will be electric vehicles (EVs), and many of those will be self-driving. In a recent Forbes article, Phison General Manager and President (USA) Michael Wu says that statistic represents a stark evolution in automotive manufacturing—and the need for advanced on-board data storage. Emerging technologies such as lidar, traction control, self-parking and more will require massive data storage capacity and very high performance to enable robust vehicle automation as well as comprehensive infotainment systems. 



Data storage manufacturers looking to compete in the automotive industry must stay on the cutting edge of innovation and R&D to offer the customization automakers (and drivers) will demand. That means a focus on the latest PCIe based NVMe SSDs for now. Only PCIe SSDs can deliver the storage density and performance required by the centralized system architecture of tomorrow’s cars. 


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