Phison CEO’s Computex Presentation Highlights Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of GenAI Applications

By | Jul 9, 2024 | All, Video

KS Pua, Phison’s founder and CEO, recently delivered a keynote address at Computex 2024 that discussed the ups and downs of making generative AI accessible and profitable to companies of all sizes.  

Generative AI is facing the same challenge that cloud providers had to resolve in cloud’s early days. To make generative AI more popular and sustainable for all, somebody has to deliver an affordable way to enable AI training, fine-tuning and inference on edge-based or on-premises equipment.  

Like many technological advancements, the first companies to benefit from the emergence and growth of AI are large enterprises with the budget to access the necessary hardware and applications. Generative AI requires massive computing power that small and mid-size companies can’t often obtain. If these companies want to do their own AI projects, they typically must do them through a cloud service provider. The downside there is that the company suddenly loses a portion of control over its data.  

Pua describes how Phison, a company that invests heavily in ongoing R&D to meet evolving customer needs, has developed a solution that will enable any organization to run generative AI projects and large language models (LLMs) from regular on-premises workstations . The solution is an AI-specialized aiDAPTIV+ SSD with proprietary software and tools, along with an ecosystem of support through Phison’s partners.   

 With this aiDAPTIV+ SSD solution, companies can develop their own AI projects and retain complete control over their data on-premises. The “entry fee” to generative AI is no longer exclusive to large enterprises. 


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