Computex 2024: Phison Gains Recognition for Advanced Solutions

From Enabling AI for Business to Delivering Beefed-Up Storage for Today’s Most Advanced Workloads, Phison Made a Great Showing at the Industry Event of the Year

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This year’s Computex was a great success for Phison, and the buzz around the company’s products and solutions continues to grow. Let’s take a look at the Phison solutions that made history. 


Phison CEO’s Computex Keynote on Opportunities and Challenges in GenAI Implementation

 KS Pua, Phison’s founder and CEO, recently addressed the challenges of making generative AI accessible and profitable for businesses of all sizes during his keynote at Computex 2024. Historically, only large enterprises with substantial budgets could leverage AI due to the massive computing power required. Smaller companies often rely on cloud services, sacrificing some control over their data. However, Phison’s new AI-specialized aiDAPTIV+ SSD, combined with proprietary software and tools, allows organizations to run AI projects and large language models (LLMs) from regular on-premises workstations. This innovation democratizes access to generative AI, enabling companies of all sizes to develop AI projects while retaining full control over their data. 



aiDAPTIV+ Solution Platform and Applications  

Phison is collaborating with partners ADVANTECH, Acer Synergy Tech, AIC, ASROCK RACK, ASUS, Gigabyte, PNY, and Supermicro to advance AI capabilities and make them more accessible to a wider audience. Solutions included Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ LLM training and inference platform, and the team presented a live AI divination demo application from Beigang Wude Temple to showcase the platform’s powerful AI capabilities.  


TechPowerUp reported:  

AI fine-tuning should not be limited to larger cloud providers or large enterprises. ASUS collaborates with Phison and Deepmentor to provide a comprehensive generative AI all-in-one solution, preloading complex large language models (LLMs) onto a single server and offering a complete graphical interface. Mid-sized companies simply need to configure settings for their internal data, thereby enabling the creation of their own dedicated generative AI environment for their daily business operations.




World’s first PCIe 5.0 DRAM-less E31T SSD storage solution

Building on Phison’s successful PCIe Gen5 E26 offering, the company introduced the world’s first PCIe Gen5 DRAM-less SSD storage solution, E31T. It is the world’s first mainstream Gen5 SSD purpose-built for notebooks and mainstream desktops to surpass 10GB/s performance. The E31T leads the industry in low queue depth random read performance, scoring more than 113MB/s in CrystalDiskMark in a Gen5-enabled notebook.  The solution was named one of the “Best of Computex” by Overclock3D. reported:   

The era of large PCIe 5.0 SSD heatsinks is coming to an end – Phison is ready to make PCIe 5.0 store mainstream. … [The SSD was] cooler running and used less power than any of their prior PCIe 5.0 SSDs. Thank to their new 7nm PS5031-E31T SSD controller, Phison could deliver 10 GB/s of SSD performance on a mainstream SSD. PCIe 5.0 storage no longer requires large heatsinks or a larger power budget.


WCCFTech said:   

MSI also showcased the mainstream Spatium M560 Gen5 SSD which is based on the Phison E31T, 7nm, controller, and that results in a 15% power reduction and other design enhancements. The drive still delivers exceptionally fast performance of up to 10 GB/s and will be available in 1TB and 2 TB DRAM-Less designs.




Enterprise-focused Pascari series SSDs

Purpose-built for the enterprise with the industries’ most stringent reliability testing, Pascari SSDs include the high-performance X-Series, boot drive B-Series, data center D-Series, SATA S-Series and AI-Series to fine-tune AI models. The Pascari brand also offers enterprise SSD solutions for immersion cooling environments with its X100, X200, and D200 products.  




World’s first native USB4 single-chip controller, the U21

To meet the evolving and growing needs of today’s mobile device storage, Phison’s U21 provides stellar transfer performance that surpasses 4GB/s. One manufacturer that implemented the U21 with great success is MSI, who used it in the company’s new DATAMAG Magnetic Portable SSD. The SSD was voted Best Storage Device in How-To Geek’s “Best of Computex” article.   


How-To Geek reported:   

For on-the-go content creators, MSI has revealed the DATAMAG Magnetic Portable SSD. Primarily designed for iPhone MagSafe connectivity, the DATAMAG SSD features an ultra-portable design with transfer rates up to 40Gbps when used with a USB4 interface (or 20Gbps on USB 3.2 Gen 2). 




Retimer and Redriver ICs

Phison’s signal conditioning tools support the high-speed transmission needs of today and tomorrow with the world’s first PCIe 5.0/CXL 2.0 Retimer PS7201, certified by the CXL 1.1 association; a full range of PCIe 5.0 Redriver IC solutions; and the next-gen PCIe 6.0 Retimer IC PS7162.  


APEX Storage X16 Gen5 high-speed AIC card  

Phison partnered with Apex Storage to develop the world’s first PCIe Gen5 single-slot add-in card that uses 16 flagship Phison Gen5 E26-controlled SSDs to deliver outstanding storage performance for AI machine learning, high-frequency trading and extreme performance applications. The AIC won recognition in “Best of Computex” articles from Overclock3D , eTeknix and TweakTown 


A press release from Apex Storage reported:   

The Apex Storage X16 Gen5 is designed to meet the escalating demands of data-intensive AI applications and enterprise environments. With support for up to 16 M.2 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs, the X16 Gen5 provides an astonishing storage capacity that scales up to 128TB. This immense capacity is matched by blistering data transfer speeds, achieving up to 55 GB/s sequential read and 50 GB/s sequential write speeds, making it the fastest storage solution in a class of its own.


A recent TweakTown article summed up the excitement around this solution:   

Phison has earned itself a Computex 2024 TweakTown award for its crazy build that uses 16 SSDs with Phison’s E26 technology with an Apex Storage card to achieve data transfers of 54.8 GB/s in a single PCIe Gen 5 slot. … We reviewed the impressive Phison E26 controller back in January, and were blown away by its incredible speeds and now seeing sixteen of these SSDs working together in front of us during a live demo has really put into perspective the incredible industry-leading work Phison is doing in the SSD space. Congratulations to Phison for what it has achieved with this build, the speeds here are truly remarkable and shouldn’t be understated.



 TweakTown also raved about the solution in its “Best of Computex” article:    

54.8 GB/s of SSD speed over a single PCIe Gen 5 slot. It’s kind of hard to believe, and you might be wondering how. Well, as one of the leaders in SSD controller technology and all things storage, that’s what you get when you pair the Apex Storage X16 Gen5 with Phison E26 SSD controller tech in an arrangement that combines the storage power of 16 SSDs into one of the most impressive technical demonstrations we saw at Computex this year. 


Phison delivers what today’s industry needs

As AI and other emerging technologies transform data storage and computing performance needs, Phison continues to invest in R&D to anticipate and even exceed customer expectations. Computex is always a great way to let the industry know what Phison can do for them. For more information, check out the short videos below, which were also featured on the Computex website during the event:   


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