5 Ways Data Is Transforming the Financial Industry

As financial organizations incorporate evolving technologies to advance their digital transformation, they are increasingly realizing great value from their data. Collected from a wide range of sources, this data is a critical asset for banks, investment firms, brokerages and other financial services companies as they strive to stay competitive in a fierce market.

In this Fast Company article, Phison General Manager and President (USA) Michael Wu highlights five specific ways data analytics is helping to improve the financial industry and its services. Combined with other advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things, big data and the insights it delivers are driving innovation and enabling financial institutions to accomplish more with less effort and respond to market trends and customer demands like never before.



“Data is the lifeblood of every modern financial institution and the intelligent collection and use of it—through analytics platforms, AI, and other technologies—can give an organization a serious competitive edge.”

~ Michael Wu,  GM & President of Phison Technology Inc. (USA)




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